Anse's Little (But Important) Guitar Blog

Hello I'm Anse!

I'm very into my guitar and playing live with my band "The Bees" here in Japan. We recently signed with a manager who "says" he has record company connections but well... we'll see.

In the meantime I'm going to be sharing with you all here my wisdom and 15 years of guitar playing experience starting with major chords, minor chords and dominant seven chords on guitar.

What We'll Cover Includes

  1. Basic Guitar Chords
  2. How To Strum
  3. Rock Progressions
  4. Songwriting
  5. Singing
  6. Live Performance

I'm excited to get started and remember to join up to my email list for updates when I post new content here. Most of it will be video based since that's the best way to learn guitar online in my opinion. Audio MP3 with TAB just doesn't cut it in 2014 right?

Spanish Online Guitar Lessons

Try out this new one we found! Lots of great spanish guitar songs and flamenco stuff to learn there... just be ready to put in the hard yards practicing if you want to get anywhere.

Playing Guitar Is An Easy Job

Yes it's true, I knew I didn't want to do anything else and it took a lot of courage for me to move over here but I did it anyway. Now I have a sweet life playing guitar live in my band and loving every second of it. Living ain't cheap here, especially as a struggling musician but that's the price you pay when you go your own way sometimes.

In some sections of this site I'll be letting you on what a regular day is like for me here and who knows, maybe you'll even look me up the next time you're out here.